Message from our Membership Chair, Andrew Muzzy

Welcome to the Fire Investigators of Florida membership page! We are the 9th Chapter of the IAAI. If you are currently a member, you may have noticed the Chapter has been making some changes. If you are a first timer, take time and explore the web-site to learn more about the Chapter. First of all the web-site became more user friendly and will be easier to find what you are looking for. As the Chapter grows, we hope to be adding several items, including the Chapter Store, a Chapter Calendar, Advertisement, and a member profile section. Check it out and let us know what you think.

It has been an exciting year with membership. The Chapter continues to grow and currently is over 300 members. A member can be any representative of government or a government agency or any representative of a business or industrial concern who, at the time of application, is not less than 21 years of age and is engaged in some phase of fire investigation and provided that such person is an active member of the IAAI. The cost of the annual membership is $30.00. A member can participate in the annual conference, obtain fire investigation training around the State at a discounted rate, gain $5,000 of life insurance, access to, and have voting rights in the organization.

The Chapter is also pleased to announce they have partnered back with the IAAI’s Enhanced Membership Program. The best thing about this program is it allows you to receive membership to two organizations, both the Fire Investigators of Florida & IAAI. Further benefits allow the member to register on-line for Chapter Seminars, on-line testing with certificates, CEU’s awarded for, and state wide email blasts. All benefits will allow your Chapter to be more efficient. Cost of the Enhance Membership is $130.

There has been a recent change in the number of directors for the Chapter. The Board of Directors decided to reduce the number of directors from 6 to 3. There is currently a North, Central, and South Director. This has and will reduce costs to the Chapter for business related expenses.

The Chapter's main goal is to provide quality education. The Chapter prides itself on bringing in first class speakers from around the country providing advanced fire investigation, scientific research, and new technology information within the field. This year, there will be 2 multiple day conferences, one in Ft. Myers in March and our Annual Training Conference/Annual General Meeting in September at Daytona Beach. With each educational opportunity, the member may take an exam to obtain CEU’s toward obtaining or renewing the IAAI CFI (certified fire investigator). Currently CEU’s can also be applied toward the renewal of the State’s municipal fire safety inspector and fire service instructor. To assist with providing education, the Chapter keeps the cost of the classes down to a manageable fee and has scholarships for the Annual Conference, the Ryan Ward Scholarship, the Past President’s Scholarship, and Star & Shield Scholarship. Applications for both can be obtained on the web-site. In the works is an additional partnership with NSPII to provide training in the insurance field.

The Chapter also likes to recognize its members. Several awards are given out. The Fire Investigator of the Year and Photo of the Year for both arson and accidental related fires. Nominations for the awards can be obtained on this web-site. In addition to the awards, the Chapter, when advised, recognizes those members, who may have achieved or accomplished a goal, whether it is solving an arson related fire, obtaining a new level of certification or being promoted.

This is truly a great organization to be part of for those in the fire investigation field. The networking available and the quality of education provided is excellent, especially at the membership fee! Interested? Join the Fire Investigators of Florida and start getting the benefits of membership. Download an application off our website now to be either member with the Chapter or an Enhance Member (Chapter & IAAI).

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